St. Oswald's

C of E Primary Academy

01274 573396

St Oswald's CofE Primary Academy, Cross Lane, Bradford, West Yorkshire BD7 3JT


Classes 2023/ 24

Senior Leadership Team

Miss G Wilson                       Headteacher  

Mrs C Hegney                      Deputy Headteacher  /  DSL / Assessment lead

Miss L Preston                      Assistant Headteacher/ Curriculum Lead / Phase 3 Leader

Mrs J McArdle                      Assistant Headteacher/ EYFS Leader



Safeguarding Team

Mrs C Hegney            Designated Safeguarding Lead/ Designated Teacher for Looked After/ Previously Looked After Children

Mr N Johnson            Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead / Attendance lead


Miss G Wilson (Headteacher)

Miss L Preston (KS2 Lead)

Mrs J McArdle (EYFS Lead)

Mrs L Jagger (SENDCo)

Mr M Kalas (Safeguarding and attendance officer) 

Mrs J Pollard (EYFS)

Mrs N Daxner (EYFS)



Mrs L Jagger 



2 year old provision             Saplings - Mrs N Daxner

Nursery                                 Elm  - Miss G Dunbar 

Reception 1                           Oak - Mrs J McArdle 

Reception 2                          Ash - Mrs J Pollard 

Year 1                                     Birch - Mrs A Iqbal/ Mrs S Zeeshan 

Year 1                                     Pine - Mrs A Fowler 

Year 2                                    Redwood - Miss J Meakin

Year 2                                    Maple - Miss B Farrar

Year 3                                    Beech  Mr M Wasim 

Year 3                                    Sycamore - Mrs J Buckham

Year 4                                    Olive - Ms S Malik 

Year 4                                     Poplar -Miss K Zaman

Year 5                                     Willow - Mrs L Jagger/ Mrs K Parveen

Year 5                                     Rosewood - Miss K Lawson

Year 6                                     Rowan - Mrs R Lake

Year 6                                     Cherry - Miss N Beck 

Year 6                                      Miss L Preston 



 Classroom support team


Year 6   -                        Mrs S Stanton/ Miss S Aslam

Year 5   -                        Mrs S Smith/Miss T Armstrong/Mrs A Dakshinamurti/ Miss J Roberts

Year 4 -                          Mrs B Crowley/Mrs J Gledhill

Year 3 -                          Mrs C Pearson/ Mrs G Bansall/Miss Y Robertshaw/Ms R Mohammed

Year 2  -                        Miss G Whiteley/ Mrs Z Choudry 

Year 1   -                        Mrs G Sykes/  Mrs S Drake/Mrs S Khan/Miss A Rauf

Early Years Team        

 Mrs N Daxner ;    Ms A Hill;  Mrs S Drake ,  , Ms A Khan,  Miss H Sharpe;  Mrs A Khan , Ms I Malik, Mrs T Howroyd


HLTA Team 

Mrs J Barker 

Miss H Sharp 

Miss G Whitely 


 Administration Team:

Mrs H Jacklin - Business manager

Mrs H Crabtree - Administrator

Miss R Malik -  Buisiness support officer and Admissions Officer  

Mrs Elaine Gledhill - Receptionist



Mr M Khan - Site Manager