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We care and learn


Classes 2018-2019

Senior Leadership Team

Miss G Wilson                        Headteacher     /  Year 6 teaching team

Mrs C Hegney                       Deputy Headteacher  /  Safeguarding Lead / Year 5 teaching team

Mrs C Gilmour                      Assistant Head   / Year 2 teaching team

Mr S Wiseman                      Assistant Head   /  Eden teaching team



2 year old provision         Saplings (Miss Scarth)

Nursery                                  Elm  (Miss Scarth)

Reception 1                         Oak (Mrs Karamat)

                                                    (Mrs T Khan – apprentice teacher)

Reception 2                         Ash (Mrs Emmott)

Year 1                                     Birch (Mrs Pollard)  

Year 1                                     Pine (Miss Littlewood)

Year 2                                     Redwood (Mrs Zeeshan and Mrs Gilmour)

Year 2                                     Maple (Mrs Kingdom)

Year 3                                     Beech (Miss Meakin)

Year 3                                     Sycamore (Miss Preston)

Year 4                                     Olive (Mrs Worsnop)

Year 4                                     Poplar (Mrs Rashid)

Year 5                                     Willow (Mrs Parveen)

Year 5                                     Rosewood (Miss Hebden and Miss Maud)

Year 6                                     Rowan (Mr Wasim)

Year 6                                     Cherry (Miss Copping)

The Eden Team

Mr Wiseman –               KS2 responsibility across Eden

Mrs Carroll –                   KS1 responsibility across Eden

Mrs Hood       -                  Lead Pastoral Worker in Eden

Mrs Dakshinamurti – Support Pastoral Worker in Eden

Mr Marek Kalas  -        Translator and Eden support worker

Mrs H Lad        -                Eden support worker


 Classroom support team

Year 6 Rowan -               Mrs S Smith;  (Mr Wasim’s class)

Year 6 Cherry   -             Mrs S Stanton; (Miss Copping’s class)

Year 5 Rosewood  -       Miss S Maud; (Miss Hebden  class)

Year 5 Willow            -    Miss H Sharpe; Mrs J Gledhill;  (Mrs Parveen’s class)

Year 4 Poplar -                 

Year 4 Olive   -                Miss J Roberts; (Mrs Worsnop’s class)

Year 3 Sycamore -        Miss S Aslam; (Miss Preston’s class)

Year 3 Beech -                Mrs C Pearson; (Mrs Smith’s class)

Year 2 Maple -                Miss G Whiteley; Miss G Sabah; (Mrs Kingdom)

Year 2 Rosewood -      Mrs N Daxner  (Mrs Zeeshan/Mrs Gilmore)

Year 1 Pine       -             Mrs L Spivey  (Miss Littlewood’s class)

Year 1 Birch   -              Mrs G Sykes  (Mrs Pollard’s class)

Early Years Team        

 Mrs A Thompson; Mrs Y Robertshaw ;  Mrs F Bi;  Mrs B Crowley;  Mrs Z   Choudhary;  Ms A Hill;  Mrs S Drake   


 Administration Team:

Mrs E Daniels - Business manager

Mrs H Crabtree - Administrator

Miss R Malik -  Senior Clerical and Admissions Officer  

Mrs B Wood - Receptionist


Mr N Johnson -  Deputy Safeguarding Lead and Attendance


Mr M Khan - Site Manager