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50 Things in Eden

In Eden, we have started to plan our parent morning around the activities suggested in '50 things to do before you're 5' We have had lots of fun so far - take a look at our pictures below.

#11 Making Connections

For this, we got out the Lego, some jigsaw puzzles and made some beautiful friendship bracelets. You could tell there was plenty of concentration happening as the room was very quiet for such a hands on activity.


#26 Splish, Splash Splosh

As part of our topic launch we investigated and played games with water. We used sand and wooden blocks to build flood defences to protect a house then flooded the area to test our defences. Also, we worked in teams to transport water using just one hand and one foot - we got a bit wet but it was so much fun.


#48 Natural Art

A trip was taken into the school garden where we used what we could find on the ground to create pieces of art. Some parents got very creative with 3D sculptures.

#46 Fantastic Paper Folding

At our regular Wednesday parent's morning we took past in some paper folding. We made 'Chatterboxes', paper boats and one of our parents got very creative and made a frog and a flower. Paper folding instructions can be easily found online if you fancy having a go at home.