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Welcome to our Nursery (Elm and Saplings)

In our Nursery, we learn best through play and explore things that we like doing. In this way we can make sense of the world around us. Therefore our nursery environment is set out in such a way that we can revisit time and time again play that we enjoy and practice skills that we have learned. Emphasis is placed heavily on first-hand experiences in all areas of the curriculum. The process of our learning is observed by the class teacher and EYPs. All our efforts are valued and praised.

We learn in lots of different ways. We have a go at mark making, practice writing our names, counting, recognizing numbers and finding out about the world around us.

“Play helps children to develop intellectually. Play that is well planned and enjoyable gives children the opportunity to be creative, to explore and investigate materials, to experiment and reason out problems. Play is fun, having fun is a great motivation to learn.”


2 Year Old Provision

St. Oswald’s C.E. Primary Academy is a very special place full of learning, friendship and laughter, where all our children happy; feel safe and are valued.

We are committed to provide the best possible educational provision in a stimulating and creative environment. We are proud in providing a safe, fun and supportive learning environment in which children can explore and discover the world around them.

We believe that children learn best by first hand experiences and interaction between adults and their environment. We value the strong relationship with our local community and encourage a positive partnership between children, their home, the provision and the wider community who help us to support the children in our care to develop into individuals who will lead happy and rewarding lives.

Our Vision

St. Oswald’s Two Year Old provision, offers a welcoming friendly atmosphere for both child and parent/carer where children can Create, Explore, Imagine and Learn.

We set the foundations of your child’s first steps on their Learning Journey which provides the basis for all future learning. We pride ourselves on listening to children and those who care for them and using this information to personalise each child’s learning.

Learning should be fun and we strongly believe in first hand learning, valuing the importance of the outdoor environment to develop children’s thinking and problem solving skills. We believe that every child is unique and should be treated so allowing them the opportunity to develop and learn in a safe and nurturing environment where play and learning is combined. We are committed to giving our children the best possible start to their school life, teaching them skills which ensure their well-being now and success in the future.


Our two year olds have their own room within our Early Years unit with age appropriate resources and furniture. They also have access to all the other areas of our unit including our outdoor area.

At this age, children are at different stages with their toilet training. We have excellent changing facilities for those still requiring them; access to potties and free access to their own toilets in the bathroom. Children are given plenty of verbal praise and encouragement to succeed.

We have sleeping facilities for children who still require a nap during the day.

Daily Organisation

The focus of the day continues to be on Learning through Play, with a routine that incorporates adult led activities and builds on children’s developing knowledge and curiosity. Our carefully chosen toys and activities promote physical coordination and manipulative skills, role-play and creativity. Children take part in focused and creative activities throughout the day. Children have a free choice of which activity they take part it, the room is well equipped with plenty of resources.

Children are provided with many different activities along with music and movement, song times, musical instrument sessions and outdoor play. Circle time every day is an opportunity to take part in group activities and listen to stories; staff use props and puppets during these times to hold children’s attention and develop their concentration.

Children spend a lot of their time outdoors and have access to a large outdoor area.

Topic Planning 

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Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1


Below are photographs of our Nursery provision.